La Rosière - Chalet le Montana - Hiver -

« Welcome to chalet le Montana : 3 large apartments in Les Eucherts neighborhood »

Chalet le Montana, plan station la Rosière

« Located right by the slopes, Chalet Le Montana will provide you an excellent base »

La Rosière - Chalet le Montana - Vue hiver

« Enjoy a breathtaking view on the Haute-Tarentaise glaciers »

« Discover Espace San Bernardo ski area and its 160km of runs between France and Italy »

OT La Rosière - Vue station Hiver

« La Rosière benefits from exceptional exposure to the sun »

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Les appartements du chalet Montana



See you this winter!

We look forward to seeing you in 3 months in La Rosière Espace San Bernardo, 150km of slopes between France and Italy. With family or friends, book [...]

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La Rosière - Vue hiver - Florence Gaide